I’ve just been told

Jul 28, 2016 5:30 AM

I’m sitting around staring out of my brains at half 5 in the morning – the brain that woke me up a bit too early is now only capable of being stared out of. I knew that I was going to get some sort of email this morning from one of the banks in Wellington – my first job application to NZ. A similar role as to what I’ve been doing recently (SQL Developer), just at the other end of the world.

Amusingly enough Scorpions’ Wind of Change is playing on my random playlist. I’ve been made an offer I cannot refuse, and there are no dead horse heads around. Or can I? Should I? It would be pointless I guess, as I’ve been meaning to make a move for a number of years now and I who knows how many more opportunities would present themselves again?

While I’m looking around, trying to get things in their virtual place – where will they go? Pack? Bin? Give it to someone? Ah someone. Clearly, moving to any other country will have a profound effect on my human relations. My otherwise small family lives in Hungary and I don’t see them much, though my parents will have very mixed feelings about this. When I initially presented the idea of moving the NZ/AUS about two or three years ago to them they were pretty freaked out that they’d never see me, it’s too far, and so on. I don’t really see this as being a real issue, because I can always visit and generally speaking I don’t think things should be considered that drastic. Then all the crap in continental Europe took place with the migrants and bombings and killings and stuff and now my parents actually want me gone – like literally they’ve become an active supporters of my plans. Go figure. Most of my friends live locally – this is the tougher cookie. I’ve always considered myself to be an introvert to a large extent, and though I have my life here, the majority of friends are at the stage of settling down and poking their kids or other halves.

At the moment there are 21 contacts in my phone’s main list. I initially typed up a numbered list here to say something about each person but then I realised that would be unfair to them, so more to the point, out of the 21, 1 is not an actual person, 5 are two and half couples with kids, 3 are definitely looking to move away from the UK, 1 doesn’t even live in the UK, at least 2 I never talk to and 1 doesn’t live in London so we meet like twice a year. Reality is, that most of the ones I feel close to are either in the family stages or are in a relationship that seems to be working out for them, which is all great but our friendships wither. Still, some of this feels like a massive breakup with 10-20 people at the same time rushing towards me. Somewhat annoyingly I also have a budding relationship in place, though I have been keeping her in the loop regarding my moving plans – I still think she’ll be unhappy about this; maybe the fact that our vision on having kids is vastly different will help.

Anyway, lots of paperwork ahead. Time for the morning tea. Gotta keep things British. For now.

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