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I moved to the USA for a year when I was about 17. My mum completely freaked out when we told her it was going to happen. The flight was shortish, and the one thing I remember (of the flight) that I was semi-arguing with an American kid that I was looking for the toilet and he kept telling me where the bathroom was on the plane. Not that I’d wanted a shower – my English wasn’t too well suited for the American lingo.

I remember my thoughts of when I was sitting on the plane from Budapest to London in September 2007. The plane was about to take off and I said to myself “my life is about to take a 180 degrees turn”. As my NZ work visa has been now approved, it’s only a matter of time before life takes another many-degrees turn. I got the email when I was away at the girlfriend’s place – she wasn’t too happy about the news but I’ve been trying to be fair with everyone, her, work, friends – I’m attempting to keep important people in the loop.

I’ve informed work that I’m leaving, also organised the boxes and the pick-up date for the shipping company to take away stuff. My parents are inheriting my plants as I wouldn’t be allowed to take them (not to mention they’d die during the 40 days boat trip). I don’t have a ticket yet but the preliminary flight date is 27th October or a day on either side. But first things first: I need to buy a domain name for this blog.

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