Visa news, timing news II

Roundabout the time I was born there was a song from Pat Benatar called Love is a Battlefield. I kind of feel like being part of that now. The original version of this post involved a paragraph about me having become single, that’s been put on hold. Interesting times to come but close relationships aside, “it begins” – causalities of the move will mount eventually. Unhappy times ahead, new connections ahead too.

In other news, I’ve got my flight ticket to NZ. I’m flying 28th October, London via Singapore on an A380 and then onward to Auckland on a 787-9/Dreamliner and then some domestic flight on a more common plane. With the upcoming flights included, I will now have flown on four different carrier’s A380 (Emirates, Etihad, Korean, Singapore). Somewhat curious about the Dreamliner. Supposed to be good. Probably just another plane to be honest.

Still haven’t decided on the accommodation for the initial time in Wellington. Plan is to either AirBNB something or get into a hotel that does weekly rentals for rooms. As much as I was looking they do around $250NZD a week, which is decent, but I haven’t properly investigated alternatives yet. Suggestions are welcome, although so far the blog had a total of one hit, even that I don’t know how (it was from the USA…), so I’m not expecting relevant comments on time. Do madmen talk to themselves? [or just elderly women on the bus and bloggers online?]

The moving company will pick up my stuff sometime mid-October. I’ve moved the date to a mid-week day rather than Monday so I can spend the weekend(s) trying to be sociable and digging virtual friend-graves. The lettings agency are already poking me to allow prospective renters into the flat. It’s a bit like having a terminal disease and then people already wanting to shove you into a coffin, really, just a bit less terminal.

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