Packing Sans Sense

So I’ve been smart enough to come up with a plan for packing – the otherwise foreseeable problem was (is!) that my stuff has been taken away by the movers last Wednesday, whereas I’m not vacating the flat till this Thursday, leaving a gap of 8 days which I need to survive on stuff that I will then theoretically be able to squeeze into a 80 litre luggage (not exceeding 21 kgs.).

The plan therefore was that I would have first packed the 80 ltr luggage and then whatever stayed out would have gone into the boxes, leaving no excess crap in the flat. Smart, but I wasn’t smart enough to follow it through, so of course I now see I have extra, say 30 litres worth of clothes and other crap that I can’t seem to put anywhere. Sigh. Question is, do I need underwear, or other clothes more. Lol. Tbh I’m sure I don’t need a dozen pair of socks, plus everyone wears flipflops down in Kiwiland (or they just sell socks anyway), so I need to pack, and repack, reanalyse, rethink life-universe-and-everything and then chuck out some crap. In all fairness all I really need to squeeze in is about 3-4 tshirts.

In other news I’m flying Friday morning, and as mentioned the flat is largely empty. I even packed (into the boxes that is) a shiny new IKEA lamp because the one thing there certainly is not in NZ is an IKEA.

Packing and life goes on.

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