First 24 hrs

So I’m now in Wellington. This post will be a bit of a summary of time spent between departing London and now.

The flights went okay – took a Xanax and managed to dull my senses a bit for the first leg of the journey. Parting from girlfriend was a difficult situation as one can expect. Apart from that I decided that I really didn’t want to put up with the drama my brain could create for leaving a place that I once called almost-home (I never felt home in London so I don’t want to give it the honour now). The second leg was with Air New Zealand, which I think, at least for their international lot are the jolliest airline I’ve travelled with so far. It also may be for their 787-9 but for example they had a library of books wallpaper in the loos with titles such as public toilets in New Zealand and a few other similarly amusing ones that I can’t recall now. The only one thing I found odd about the loo is that it flushed itself a few times while using it. Automatically. Ball cooler I guess. Air NZ’s air safety video is rather awesome by the way. The customs and immigration process went smoothly and basically nobody cared that I was emigrating, no questions asked, nothing. Also didn’t get any hugs for being a new addition to the country. In fact I think I’ll have of hugs of any kind for months before I make new friends. Me be hugless! ;(

Upon arrival to Auckland I managed to find the hotel I booked in and then sleep probably about an hour or two even though it was around 1am. Most expensive hotel per hours slept ever. The last leg of the journey to Wellington was super quiet. There’s a funny thing about the luggage allowance on domestic Air NZ flights. Probably about 80% of the airport announcements were concerning weight allowance, 23kg for checked-in luggage and 7kg for carry-on. The airport also had numerous scales placed all over the place. Guess what, nobody cared at all. My total luggage weight combined was around 37kg. The backpack was 13 of that.

Once in Wellington I got brekkie and then used public transport to find the airbnb house (room of the house as such in this case) I booked in for the coming two weeks. It was reasonably simple. Bumped into a few of the housemates, they seem friendly but we didn’t talk much. I guess at some stage later. The room is poorly insulated and while there’s a heater that does help to some extent the wind cools off the place relatively quickly. I’ll see if I can get the place warmer soon.

Once kindof settled in, I then decided to wander around town and went up to the local “windmill”, a wind turbine. The hike up was rather nice with clouds coming and going and me getting lost a few times. One thing I noticed relatively straight away is the lack of people. I know Wellington is a comparatively small place but despite the numerous houses I passed by for a long while I met nobody at all. The path to and from the wind turbine (I took different routes) went through not only homes and houses but also numerous hiking paths and forests. Eventually I made my way down to the city centre, where I found the people! Well, some of them. At that stage it was around Sunday noon/lunchtime and the city was oddly empty still.


Appreciating this isn’t London, but even compared to Edinburgh I found the city deserted. I can already see that while one of my major issues w/ London was it being as large as it is this is going to be the other extreme. The same goes for meetups. I remember that my first year and half was very difficult in London because I had nobody, no friends, nada; then I found meetups and it’s been considerably better as a result. There are rather few of those around here. I’ll see if I can get used to this over the coming year or so. If not, well…at least I will have tried.

As I’ve been to Wellington as a tourist before I didn’t really wander around the downtown area too much for now. I’m sure I’ll have ample time to do this in the future but I felt rather tired by around 3pm and decided to walk back to Newtown where I’m staying. I’ve been in since, probably ready to sleep by around 7pm. First day at work tomorrow, then a pub quiz meetup (at least there’s that!).

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