The house and its inhabitants

So as said I’m currently living in an airbnb house, which is more like a room in a student house. That has its moments as one can imagine. Here’s a few of them. [Since nobody knows where I live, I don’t mind sharing the details]

  • The main doors of the house can’t be locked. I actually figured this is reasonably common around here, many houses have unlocked doors (I haven’t tried, but it is obvious from conversations.)
  • The main doors of the house can’t be opened either. I think this is a bit less common. More to the point that the front door’s handles have fallen off, at first just the one on the inside (so we couldn’t go out the front door) but now on the outside too, so we can’t come in either. The back door still works.
  • There’s a guy in the house that hardly ever comes out from his room. Based on the sounds coming through his door he is constantly watching the same thing. I haven’t identified what that is but probably some action movie (not porn action)
  • As the uni year just ended recently, the housemates organised a party. One of the girls stripped.
  • The day after the party I noticed that the window of the above mentioned girl’s room fell out. The whole thing. Her comment on the subject: it just fell off in the night. Ghosts, I’m tellin’ ya. Considering that the given night was not stormy or windy and there were no injuries, it’s actually likely the thing really just fell off.


  • There are two washing machines and a drier in the shed. While one of the former ones work, the drier on the other hand is semi-manual. That means it’s inside isn’t turning around at all so occasionally one has to poke the clothes a little. It also turns off for about 10 seconds every minute and sounds a lot like a person going through their dying breaths.
  • When I signed up for the place there was a cat lurking on one of the pictures. It’s apparently now lying buried in the garden (dead) – happened before my arrival, not my fault, promise.

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